Back in Finland


Come-back has been payday payroll a relatively direct payday lenders busy time, as you can see from the break between my updates.

Finnish road championships were raced already over payday a week ago. I don’t have much to say about it, I finished time trial 4th and road race 9th. On Thursday, a day before the time trial race I payday loans utah wrote, I’m not going to participate the championship races. I got serious bacterial infection under my skin. That

inflammatory was making sitting on the saddle impossible. And inflammation was more difficult than once believed, day before the Championships doctor was considering to put me on an operating table. Fortunately, the inflammation of the values had gone done so antibiotic treatment for 3 weeks was enough. I decided to participate the Championships because the doctor said that the sport is allowed.On the Friday payday loans az morning I had to take a test payday loans in maryland ride to see if I was able to sit on a saddle, instead of a little wake-up training. The same test was payday 2 jacket on Saturday morning, as the road bike riding position was even more difficult. Afterwards, it wasn’t worth of taking the start. On Monday morning after the race weekend when I woke up payday loans online I was wondering the strength of my heartbeat, I felt like the whole world would be shaken every beat. I measured the resting heart rate, and it was finally returned

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to its normal level and the beat was so strong because my heart wasn’t beating too quickly anymore. During the illness I was checking my resting heartbeat every morning and it was 20-30 bpm higher than the normal. A heart needs a rest to recover and recovery is not good if the heart has to work

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all night. It wasn’t too easy to fall asleep when the heart beats

more than 80.

Midsummer was for enjoying the Finnish summer, and I kept thinking if payday loans las vegas I had gone through that surgery I wouldn’t be able to enjoy this time or complaining about the mosquitoes..I can only be thankful for antibiotics and just keep wishing I could someday be able to race the Championships healthy and prepare as planned.
Fortunately, online

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payday loan life goes on even after the Championship, and plenty of new challenges payday loans online no credit check for the summer will still be ahead. Hopefully with the sunny weather conditions!



The last two weeks left here. Time to do a small summary of what have

I in three months learned from this country. Geographically Belgium is situated several strong cultural crossroads. Food culture and language are the good examples. The food is British style, very, very lightly seasoned, often even vulgar. German-style sausage is rich, but their flavoring is following the British line. The Belgians like the taste of beer, as well as French-style cheeses. Belgian language to find parallels between the German, French and English; many Belgians replace forgotten word with Flemish word. But the French fries.. I will never understand the passion of Belgians to their French fries


I try to avoid processed foods and use less pre-treated food. Here, it is easy. In supermarket chicken is always naturel, no marinated meat, fruit and vegetable department usually have a nice payday loans online selection of wide; such as fresh spinach is always available. The small seasonal variation can be observed, for example, now seems to be difficult to get cucumber or pear. But the strawberry season is at its best, bush blueberries and raspberries are still imported, but gradually they too are available as residents. Milk is always UHT-treated, which is four, and now three-person household for easy storage, but it makes milk taste.

I have spent the weekend of from races, so I visited yesterday in Amsterdam. The decision to take the morning payday 2 wiki train was made the night before, so there was no time for planning. I just googled the best shopping streets, I took with me a Visa card and suitable shoes. Weather forecast for rain was very sunny, so walking around the city was nice and comfortable. Amsterdam is not a shopping paradise for me. Too many Jack and Jones, Onlys and H&Ms. I can find them from Finland and I don’t visit them abroad. For the first time in my life I bought 100pieces of tulips to my garden in Finland and 250g of those Dutch cookies with

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caramel. I have to almost say that Antwerp is better for shopping. The shopping street is 2 km long and a restaurant / café areas are located at both apply now paydayadvanceusca ends. In the payday loans half way there is a small alley with viagra en ligne couple of cafeterias, but a very small area compared to the amount of people, so pricing

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also compatible with it. Amsterdam, there was a pervasive smell of weed... I saw and heard too many Finnish hippies. Funny, how easy it was to onlinecialispharmacy7 recognize them from a distance to be Finnish’s. It is also funny that the Belgian appearance cannot be determined. In a way this country is a melting pot and the Belgian company may look Turkish, Moroccan, British, German, or even Scandinavian. I have heard in advance that traveling by train to find a clear difference between the landscapes when it comes to the Dutch side. I did not notice that difference. Maybe the water was a more general picture, but it tends to be when you go closer to the coast. The amount of bridges, bicycles and boats was amazing. Something you won’t see in other European cities.

What I have learned about myself here? I like to payday advance las vegas live alone. This week's all my roommates have been away and the house was mine, alone. It's easier. Still, I think it has been better living here with roommates than on my own. Many things are easier to with roommates. Especially in this house, when they have always lived in with several people so they have formed a very clear rules and habits. I can imagine that moving in with a friend would be difficult to form similar rules. Things texas car title and payday loan I miss from Finland could just payday 2 builds as well be here as in Finland. 23 kg will not fit them all in, even though I got was it 23kgx2. Now with another airline I have 23kg and 32kg, to take back. I know it will still be tight, goods are put on weight I guess because of the humidity here..

What I would also like to take to project payday review Finland from here; the spirit for cycling, traffic rules of cycling, a lot of smile and open mind. I don’t say I hate either Finland of Belgium, I don’t say I love them either, they are different and they could payday loans online direct lenders only learn a lot from each other.. People are quite same alike; hardworking, equal and family is close.

There are more things too, but I think they will come in smaller pieces. For now I really want to thank everyone I have met here. Sound boring but I have met a lot of very nice and nice people. They have made my

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staying here

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easier and first time I got really home sick wasn't until last Sunday. And I think I'm pretty much over it already.




Where can you look for your motivation when it’s gone? Everybody has a problem with motivation sometimes. Sometimes it takes longer sometimes it takes couple of minutes. I remember when I read an article from Jani Sievinen, a great Finnish swimmer. I have always respected him as an athlete. In the article he said that it’s not always easiest or funniest thing to go to the swimming hall at 6 or 7 am. Couple

of times he had stood in the end of the swimming pool, his fingers touching his toes, ready to jump and only thing he could think was how cold the water is and he didn’t want to get in it. Sometimes he had to stand up there for an hour before he was strong enough to tell himself to jump. Afterwards, he didn’t want to think about all those wasted hours that he had spent just standing there thinking about the cold water and every time he finally

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jumped into water. When I get home from school, I try to fool myself and out for a ride as quickly as I can. I try not sit down for a minute,

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because every time if I sit down it takes longer than a minute. Sometimes

it is easier to get out quickly; sometimes I have to plan it for a while. Normally quite soon I start to think about Jani standing in the end of the swimming pool and that normally helps. It’s not always only with sports

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where you can have lack of motivation. It can happen with studies. Sometime it is a lot harder to start an assignment than really do it. Afterwards you can’t understand why you made it so hard for yourself. And yes, it’s normally you who is making it difficult.


Training takes a

lot of time. People keep asking me how I can do both; training and studying. I have to plan when I take my time for training and when it’s time for studies. When I’m training I don’t think about studies and when I’m studying I don’t think anything else.


When I started training more serious with bike I got my motivation mostly beating myself and making new personal bests. Then I started to make goals like winning someone else or in time trial; I wanted my time to start with certain minute. Being able to climb to the top of mountains like Etna is something to remember when you need to get motivated. The training camps abroad are hard but I can spend time people who are same alike and there I can concentrate only for riding, eating and sleeping. Motivation for daily training comes also from thinking that; memories from training camps in the past and looking forward for the next training camp.And of course you have to enjoy what you are doing. You can't do it good if you are not interested in and if you don't like what you are doing.


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some people who hate everything that are making them sweat. For them I can’t say anything. I just love the feeling when you have given everything you can and there is no try spot in your training clothes. That is of course easier indoors, in a small room without air-condition.. The main idea is that in the end you have to do it your own, no-one else can train for you; I hope everyone has something that makes them go out to do their training. One of my friends is going out for gym to take BodyPump, BodyStep etc. lesson 6 times a week, sometimes she takes two lessons in a row and she is doing it only because she wants to eat what she likes. More time spend away from your fridge is normally the best way to lose weight.

Stay motivated, train hard! Enjoy what you are doing!



28 days to go


A nice weekend with two races is behind. I rode 4 races during 8 days. In the between I was ill for two days. I really was two days in bed watching movies and sleeping. Even I was really sick those were boring days. Being sick made preparing to the Saturday’s race little difficult because I had to do preparing training on Friday but I was still in bed on Thursday and I couldn’t yet take my heartbeat too high on Friday. In the race on Saturday I felt I couldn’t use my legs as I wanted to and felt like I would have woken after 50k’s. The race on Sunday was a lot better. But I got pushed in the beginning of the final sprint and I had to brake hard, so you can guess that was it. Anyway, today my thighs are feeling used and it is a sign that at least the weekend was a great training.


I have less

than month here. I have already started to plan what I’m gonna do first when I’ll get back to Finland. SAUNA, I really wish that I could go to sauna in the first evening. Here I read about private sauna and the way they had described how sauna works and what does it do to your blood circulation etc. that sounded like sauna is some kind of magic pill you take and all your troubles are away. Sauna just makes you feel better, clean and relaxed. That’s it, I’m sorry but it’s not the magic pill. Sauna is important part of normal, daily living for most of the Finnish. Some people take a sauna almost every day, some people every Saturday. But Sauna after a long ride, that is the best sauna I can take.


I still got a lot of races here to do. It’s going to be funny to go Finland and take a race with 20 pharmacy degree canada girls. I still have to improve my riding skills in peleton but I think it’s getting better also. I just have to remain myself every now and then that I haven’t done this for long, this is my third actual season and it’s not such a long time when I was scared to take a

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group ride. That’s why I chose the time trial. But then I was told that to be a good time trialist you have to do road racing too. To get more improve you should do track also and because of the winter you should do cyclo cross and to be better in cyclo cross you should do mountain biking.. Yes, cycling is a life style.


Today sun is shining and I have a day off from brand cialis online pharmacy school, couple school works to do but I think I’m going to take my bike out first and do the school works in the afternoon..


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