Me on a MTB

This happens rarely, last time was three years ago, I think. So I think it's worth of writing an article about it. Yes, last weekend I spent two days on a MTB. Normally if we go off-road I take my CX-bike because on it buy an essay online the position is

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comfortable and I'm used to it. Every now celebrex then I get this grazy idea to get on a MTB and now my boyfriend told me to try Open. We went to Turku where our club was having a little training camp. There were different group rides but on Saturday nobody was planning to go to the forrest. I had to take buy generic cialis cell phone spy free trial download my Open ( on road. Everyone else had their CX-bikes. I was expected the day was going to get long and hard remote cell phone spy software iphone for me. During the first hour I knew I was wrong. My bike was rolling so nice and easily that I couldn't believe it. Climbing, strong head wind, sprinting.. I tried it

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all and free mobile phone spy australia WOW! buy levitra Amazing! I was impressed, the day wasn't too hard for me after all. On Sunday it was time boots and cialis for some snowy paths. We got together with a group of great MTB-riders and they took us to the greatest winter paths I've ever ridden. As mentioned I'm not a good MTB-rider but on Open I was able to ride very, very fast and it buy levitra was easy. I really had a nice day on paths for the first time of my life. I have tried several MTB-brands but this was something else. I don't know the right words to descripe it but from now on Open is the word for MTB. I'm not sponsored by Open or anything, this is only my honest first feeling about it. There really is a difference if the bike is designed to look good or to ride well. If you ever have chance to ride Open 29er I recommend you take

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that chance and enjoy your day!

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